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Carthusian Street (Xmas) Market
Art Gifts and Seasonal Card Competition Exhibition
6 - 24 December 2021

Velorose welcomes you to Carthusian Street (Xmas) Market in December 2021! 6 - 24 December, 11am - 7pm daily (with a small number of exceptions; book on ARTSVP and follow current government rules, guidelines and advice)

Discover art, gifts, and art gifts from our favourite collaborators including Plinth, Reiko Kaneko, Alice Freeman and the Charlie Thomas Collection, together with Jane Stewart and other new gallery friends

Carthusian Street (Xmas) Market also includes the launch of the Sketched Cabinet of Curiosities, featuring a growing number of portfolios and individual limited edition prints that trace the working processes of artists including Michael Rakowitz, Maggi Hambling, and Richard Wilson

Below is a selection of works from the Charlie Thomas Collection, Jane Stewart and Sketched; attend Carthusian Street (Xmas) Market in person for the full range of Xmas Past, Future and Art Presents (and artist cards and postcards); it’s never too late to bring art in to your home, and to gift art to others

Dorothy Kirkbride (1925 - 2010), Oil on Board, 500mm x 420mm (Framed)

Derrick Greaves (1927 - 2002), Square Vase (1981), Screenprint (Signed and Numbered 22/200), 715mm x 580mm (Framed)

Jean Lurcat (1892 - 1966), Surreal Landscape, Lithograph (Signed and Marked A/P), 620mm x 765mm (Framed)

Persian Miniature (C19), Paint on Vellum (Signed Haber), 360mm x 260mm (Framed)

Jane Stewart, Ocean Plate, Burnished Porcelain, Cyanotype, Coconut Oil, Furniture Wax

Jane Stewart, Ocean Plate, Burnished Stoneware, Cyanotype, Moroccan Natural Pigment Powder, Furniture Wax

Jane Stewart, These Hands Have..., Stoneware, Glaze

Jane Stewart, These Hands Have… (Detail), Stoneware, Glaze

Jane Stewart, The Sisters (Good Soup; paired with Bad Soup), Stoneware, Glaze, Sea Glass

Jane Stewart, The Sisters (Bad Soup; paired with Good Soup), Stoneware, Glaze, Cotton Net

Velorose is delighted to announce that we’ve opened the door to a Wunderkammer of Plinth’s and Holmes Studio’s Sketched series of limited edition prints and portfolios, launching new editions as they are released; come see them in person

Sketched is a new way to understand an artist’s work; a chance to explore their notebooks, sketchbooks and i-Pads, to discover their motivation, their processes and their inspirations

With Michael Rakowitz and Maggi Hambling already in residence, Friday 10 December 2021 sees the addition of Richard Wilson’s ‘Slipstream’ sketches, available individually and as a portfolio

Explore Sketched in its new physical home at Velorose, in one of our cabinets of curiosity

Portfolio of Prints

Individual Prints Available