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Velorose is proud to present a third combined exhibition, this time being an illustration / sound show and a Mail Art Project spin-off. As restrictions have lifter, and as a proudly non-essential shop, Velorose invites visitors to book online (above, left) before enjoying the current exhibition

Velorose takes ‘visitor focus’ one step further, without forgetting the gallery's aim: art remains the focus, but the audience becomes the artist

Stay in, Come out, Get your art out, We’ll take your art in

LOVED puts ‘Bear Culture’ under the most intense microscope (Vice TV)

Pride Marches and Events around the world cancelled or postponed on account of the global Covid-19 Pandemic, Velorose hosts LONDON ♥ DICK (Stories of Passion & Acceptance (and Dick)) with pride

David Rosenberg has curated the LOVED Collective’s ongoing LOVED, an art project which documents the lives of ‘Bears’, ‘Chasers’, and everyone who is a part of the ‘Bear Community’

The show features:

• Mail Art by You the Artist (The Mail Gays (The Male Gaze))
• Illustration and Sound Show by LOVED Collective (LONDON ♥ DICK)

Taking advantage of the unique ‘hidden panel’ design of Velorose, LONDON ♥ DICK considers the male nude, obscenity and decency; the panels, doors, audio monitors and headphones become a maze through which to discover the project. Social distancing and timed entry adds further aspects of constraint, restriction and conformity to the mix

LONDON ♥ DICK invites the viewer to consider the awkward truth of exposed bodies - ones to which we are not always exposed - in a central London art gallery context

Maybe I will be loved and maybe I won’t be loved… but my desire has led me to some really interesting places. I knew who I wanted to meet… but I didn’t know they were called ‘bears’ at the time; I see ‘bear’ as a kind of drag (Excerpt from LOVED)