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Signs of Life
Protest Placards + Banners from the Golden Lane Estate
17 - 30 June 2022

Buffy Davis, Guest of Nature, from May Day 2022, Paint on Corrugated Card, from an original Embossing Stamp by the Artist

For May Day 2022, Golden Lane and Barbican Estate residents collaborated to stage a community event (curator: Bev Bytheway), and residents were invited to create a protest placard, which might highlight a world emergency or crisis - or a more local issue affecting residents, such as the state of the estate itself

The results are both mixed and marvellous, and this exhibition displays evidence of the thought and effort, as well as the spontaneity and creativity, of the people from two neighbouring estates who participated that day to express what mattered to them then

'Signs of Life' also features a ‘Spectres of Modernism’ banner from the Golden Lane protest curated by Clare Carolin (including the work of Turner Prize-winning artists) and papier-mâché creatures made for the May Day 2022 event by Debs Phillips and students at the local Charterhouse Square School

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