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Protest Too Much?
Mail Art Project
17 - 30 June 2022 (and Beyond)

Jean Philippe Calver, Working for Freedom, from May Day 2022, Paint on Wood

'Protest Too Much?' is the latest Velorose Mail Art Project, where you're the artist

Take inspiration from our 'Signs of Life' exhibition - make a protest postcard there and then - or identify what you believe should be protested about the state of where you or we live, work or play (a building, streets, open spaces, cities, the seas, Planet Earth and beyond)

No need to attend the exhibition, however, as normal Mail Art rules apply:

● Postcard artwork size: 4” x 6” / a6 / 10cm x 15cm (approx.)
● Feel free to scan or photograph your card, and post it first to Instagram (@veloroselondon) / Twitter (@velorose) and tag the gallery
● Post your actual cards to Velorose as below (it’s the consignment to the post that makes it a mail artwork, and you a mail artist)
● As postcards arrive, the gallery will add the real submissions to the actual (gallery) and virtual (online) displays
● The gallery has no choice over which real postcards to display, only how to display them
● See here for the small print!